Makeup for the Transgender Woman


Extremely indepth collection of lessons and lectures designed specifically for transgender women and girls. Includes everything from skin care to beard covering, foundation and lashes, and everything in between. A fully comprehensive course for anyone who is interested in makeup. The course comes with my 9-Vol. series of makeup e-books!

Styling for the Transgender Woman


This is a very comprehensive collection of lessons and lectures with the complete beginner in mind. With colorful and fun animations and videos, It takes a very simple but thorough approach to teaching basic wardrobe sensibility. It covers clothing categories, color coordination, and guidance for how to assemble a wardrobe quickly and inexpensively. Course also includes personal care (waxing/shaving, nails, foot care, etc.), basic makeup, and mesurements and sizing. This course is a MUST for newly transitioning youth and adults.

Personal Shopping

I also offer personal shopping services for my busy clients. If you've been putting off updating your wardrobe, hair, or makeup shopping because you simply don't have time or patience, then this may be the answer. I've been working with trans women and bi-gender individuals for many years, so I know what they need. Finding clothing that fits top and bottom can be a real challenge, just like buying makeup that you'll actually use. I shop for inexpensive (or not!) clothing, wigs, and makeup for you so that you don't have to bother with it.


Makeup Training

I do in-person OR online makeup instruction for all ages, races, and experience levels. All you need is some basic makeup supplies (if online), a good webcam and lighting, and a desire to learn! I've taught makeup to hundreds of trans and bi-gender adults and teens over my 24 years in business, and teaching is my passion.

Yes, you CAN learn makeup!


Image Consulting

Whether you just need a little bit of feedback on a recent purchase, or if you need an entire wardrobe overhaul, I can help. Sometimes we all just need another opinion to keep us on track, and sometimes we need a truly honest assessment of our entire style and what's appropriate to wear...where! Many of my newly transitioning clients have no clue how to coordinate for every life situation, much less how to do that on a limited budget.

"Nifty Guide" Series

of Makeup E-Books


Although this 9-Volume set of makeup e-books comes with my makeup course AND full-length makeup lessons (in-person or online), you may want to purchase it separately. If you're not quite ready to dive into the course or a private lesson, you may want these books to get your feet wet. This set is also great for people who want to know more about the products themselves.

Meet Your Instructor

Gina "Jet" Ortiz is a dedicated makeup artist and style consultant with over 24 years of experience in personal styling, specifically catering to the unique needs of the trans-femme community. Her makeup journey began in the fast-paced Drag Community of Denver, where she quickly identified a lack of representation and resources for gender-explorers and transgender women looking to express their true selves through clothing and style.

Driven by the desire to fill this gap, Gina immersed herself in learning about the different aspects of gender expression and the transformative power of style, subsequently establishing herself as an expert in creating affirming and empowering makeup and wardrobe strategies.

As an educator and mentor, Gina's courses, "Styling for the Transgender Woman," and "Makeup for the Transgender Woman," reflect her deep commitment to inclusivity and her passion for helping individuals embrace their identity with confidence.

Each session she leads is a testament to her belief in makeup and fashion as forms of self-celebration and tools for positive change. Through hands-on experiences and thoughtful curriculum, Gina has cultivated a supportive environment where her students can discover and refine their personal style, fostering not only a new skill set but also a renewed sense of self. Her devotion to her students' journeys parallels her drive for advocacy, making her a cherished guide within the community.